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I first got hooked on design in the Pitt Makerspaces, where I was introduced to the magic of laser cutters, CNC Routers, and 3D printers, and I couldn’t get enough. I knew I could combine these new tools with the engineering, CAD, and mechatronics skills I was learning in school. So I helped kick off the XProject program at Pitt to do just that: combine engineering and design to deliver high quality, user-focused products for clients.

Through the XProject program, I’ve designed interactive exhibits, physical therapy equipment for a Major League Baseball Team, and tools for UPMC research labs. In addition to the projects I led, I also helped manage dozens more, keeping teams motivated and efficient, and developing a track record of reliability and excellence for the program.  I love using the design process to tackle tough problems and create great solutions that focus on the user, while innovating at the intersection of human and machine. And now that I’ve graduated from Pitt, I’m doing it on my own with my product design business, Dan Yates Design.

I’m looking for the next great opportunity, whether that’s a new position or a new project. Get in touch if you want to collaborate!

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